West African Youth Support Development Forum

In affiliation with

ECOWAS Youth Council

Become empowered leaders with skills and confidence to actively develop self, family and community towards positive change in West Africa Economy

Our Partners

Who we are

WAYSDF is an organization  devoted to assisting the youths to take over the economy and become the economy power of West Africa.

what is WAYSDF?

West Africa Youth Support Development Forum (WAYSDF) is legally registered under CAC, SCUML, REVENUE, EFCC etc. both under international and local law's formed by group of leaders from all 18 West Africa nations and support from Netherlands under humanitarian support coming together to archive a common goal which is putting West Africa first and bringing the youths together in other to make West Africa a great community. 

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What we do

WAYSDF create job opportunities for the youths, teach them the way to greatness and success. Our aim is to support the youths and bring out their talent and skills so that we can build our own home.

Core Programs

  • Scholarships
  • Training
  • Health Services
  • Job Placement
  • Community Centers
  • Sports
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Additional Programs

  • School work
  • Loans for youth with business ideas
  • Internship programs
  • Volunteer programs
  • Media studies
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Our Vision

West African youth become empowered leaders with skills and confidence to actively develop self, family and community towards positive change in West Africa Economy.

Our Mission

To empower West African youths through education, sport, engagement in community
development, economy and support.

Participating Countries

We are affiliated with ECOWAS Youth Council


EYC was formed in 2014 to serve as the commanding height of all youth movements in West-Africa. With decades of its existence, the organization has made a lot of monumental gains and achievements since its formation.

  Venida da Liberdade e Democracia, 9 - 5 andar Praia Achada Santo Antonio BP 396 - A Cape Verde.
  No. 9 kunde close, off Limpopo street, Maitama Abuja.

Assist young people in understanding and appreciating the concept of entrepreneurship, challenging them to become designers of their own destiny